The Beginning

In the business world, 37 years is a significant period of time.

Our story began more than 37 years ago. The founders of the business were a young married couple who had three children. They aspired to establish a small, modest business to support their family. Over the years, through constant effort, investment, perseverance, determination and foresight, that modest family business evolved into the enterprise of a lifetime.

Our brand name, Rich, does not stem from the English word for “wealthy”, but rather from the Hebrew name of the first product we imported and distributed – zippers (“Rich-Ratch” in Hebrew).

The Next Generation

Over the years, the founders’ sons joined the business, and went on to develop and expand its operations, among other things – by tapping into new and different fields of activity. Our product range expanded significantly and the focus of our operations changed completely.

Today, Rich focuses on the import and wholesale distribution of consumer goods, furniture, design and décor products associated with modern living and housing culture.

The Rich brand is not used as a trademark of the items being sold to the end consumer, and is known mainly within the wholesale business sector.

The Original Outlet: May Shing (2004 through 2014)

Over the years, demand for our products increased, and as we had at our disposal substantial stocks, as well as reliable supply sources and solid, efficient import channels, we decided to open a retail outlet. We opened our first store in Ramla, for various marketing-related reasons.

Our original intention was to operate an outlet store to sell our excess inventories retail. Later on, demand for our products increased even more and our clientele, which by now included specialist professionals, demanded a more extensive range of products conforming to higher design and quality standards.

During the first few years of the outlet’s activity, it occupied an area of 80 square meters only. Over the years we expanded gradually, and at the peak of its activity, our sales floor area was 1,000 square meters.

In view of the success of our retail operation in Ramla, we decided to relocate our activity to Israel’s main business and commercial center – Tel-Aviv.

Contrast – Since 2015

In order to relocate the hub of our retail operations to Tel-Aviv, we attempted to find a space of thousands of square meters that would serve as our retail marketing center. It had to be located in a friendly and easily accessible area, and be profitable to operate. Finding such a facility turned out to be impossible.

After strenuous efforts and endless searches, we spotted the building that had once accommodated the mythological “Columbarium” nightclub. It had stood unused and neglected for a long time.

Based on our extensive experience and through an investment of millions of ILS, we established in that old building one of Israel’s most impressive showrooms.

In cooperation with architect Smadar Cohen and the property owners, we designed, rebuilt and conserved the original building. We left the original levels along the building as they were and added a small café, a patio for garden furniture and many other elements that evoke cries of admiration, appreciative comments and compliments from every visitor coming into the store.

In the décor business, size does matter, so we created a sophisticated space over a total area of 2,500 square meters. Out of the total area, 1,500 square meters were allocated to the showroom, where we present one of the most extensive and impressive product ranges in Israel.

We opened our flagship retail store, Contrast, in 2015.

We designed our showroom using clean, minimalist lines, to allow our products to speak for themselves. Additionally, our design highlights the conservation of the original building, in the style and taste of Tel-Aviv in bygone days.

Our Motto

As Israelis, our home is the most important economic asset each one of us possesses. We all like to entertain and show off our home design and décor.

As far as interior design is concerned, the Israeli public is right on top of all of the latest trends and innovations. Design is important, but the Israeli consumer will not neglect comfort and functional efficiency.

Today, we are proud to present to the Israeli consumers a comprehensive range of product categories and design styles. At Contrast, you will be able to find products in such design styles as modern, urban, Scandinavian, eclectic, Boho-chic, rustic, retro, indie and more.

As a matter of policy, we place the emphasis on high product quality, impressive design and attractive, competitive prices.

Service above All

Our designers will meet you as you walk through the entrance door: our sales representatives are qualified designers, possessing extensive knowledge and experience they had gained in various interior design and home décor projects.

Our representatives will walk you through the entire process, all the way to its successful conclusion, while providing you with personal attention and a valuable professional input.

In addition to our attentive professional service, every one of our clients joins the family! Upon your first purchase, you will join our customer club. At our customer service department, you will meet professional service representatives whose only mission in life is to serve you efficiently and to your fullest satisfaction.

We deliver the products purchased at our store to your home. For this purpose, we employ professional movers exclusively.

The Contrast Collection

We select and assemble the collection we offer our clients very carefully and creatively. Our buyers pick up individual items all over the world, building a ‘story’ based on items that ‘communicate’ with one another to create a sense of reciprocal interrelations and completeness.

We select the color shades of our collections according to the season and the current trends in the international design world.

We introduce a completely new collection once every four months. Each new collection includes furniture, textiles and accessories that ‘communicate’ with one another in the same aesthetic language. In this way, we can assure our clients of a uniquely lavish presentation that changes frequently.

What sets Contrast Apart?

From the Importer directly to the Consumer

Our unique retail outlet, Contrast, backed by the import channels, supply sources and logistic base of the Rich Company, offers Israeli consumers the unique combination of a long-established, reputable and reliable import company that distributes its own goods.

A Unique Retail Outlet

A dynamic and creative management team, a young and professional staff, a readily accessible location, high-quality products, competitive prices, attentive, personal service and an on-going effort intended to ensure the customers’ satisfaction – all these elements set us apart from the competition and place us at an exclusive, unique position.