Ido Kaspi & Ofra Michels

Model Apartment Designed by Ido Caspi & Ofra Michels

We are proud to present one of our most recent projects (January 2021) – a five-room model apartment at the “Lev Ganei-Tiqva” luxury housing project by the Ashdar Company in Ganei-Tiqva.
Ofra Michels and Ido Caspi of the Michels-Caspi Interior Design Studio designed this model apartment.

The Michels-Caspi Interior Design Studio was established in 2006 and offers architectural design, interior design and home styling services, specializing in the design of model apartments, sales offices and private residences.

The owners of the studio are designer Ofra Michels – a graduate of the apartment design program at the College of Management Academic Studies, and designer Ido Caspi – a lecturer on interior design and a member of the Israeli Association of Interior Designers.

The primary design guideline of the Michels-Caspi Studio follows a clean, modern approach incorporating unique items and elements in each project. In this project, the designers adopted a clean, contemporary approach incorporating warm highlights.

The design highlight for this project was the emphasis of space in common interior areas – the kitchen, dining area and family area.

For the design of this model apartment, the designers selected fresh color shades that set a calm, pleasant ambience the moment one steps into the apartment.

The materials selected for the design include wood, metal and massive use of textiles.

The designers, Ofra Michels and Ido Caspi, chose furniture and accessories by Contrast for the design of this model apartment. The furniture items and decorative accessories by Contrast were the natural and most appropriate choice for the implementation of the design concept for this project.

The Michels-Caspi Studio executes all of the design tasks assigned to it on the basis of a comprehensive study and in-depth understanding of the architectural program. Ofra Michels and Ido Caspi constantly devise original, creative design solutions and then perfect these solutions to provide a unique and impressive result.

For the design of model apartments, designers Michels and Caspi developed work methods that incorporate contemporary design, consideration of the target consumers and mainly an emphasis on the design of spacious, impressive, inviting and inspiring common domestic interiors.

Photography: Noah Ozer & Michal Revivo