Ido Kaspi & Ofra Michels

Sample apartment designed by Idua Caspi and Ofra Michals.

We are proud to present one of our latest projects (November 2020) – designing a five-room sample apartment in the “Lev Ganei Tikva” residential project of the Ashdar company in Ganei Tikva.
The apartment was designed by Ofra Michals and Ida Caspi from Michals-Caspi Studio.
The studio was established in 2006 and deals with planning, interior design and home styling with specialization in the design of sample apartments, sales offices and private homes.
The owners of the studio are the designer Ofra Michals – a graduate of the apartment design program at the College of Management, and the designer Idua Caspi – a lecturer in interior design and a member of the Association of Interior Designers in Israel.
The studio’s leading design line is a modern and clean line that combines unique items and components for each project.
As part of this project, the designers adopted a contemporary and clean design style, combining warm touches.
The design highlight of this design project was the emphasis on space in the common spaces – the kitchen, the dining area and the family area.
For the design of the apartment, fresh colors were chosen that create a calm and pleasant atmosphere at the entrance to the apartment.
The materials used in the design of the apartment include wood, metal and a large amount of textile fabrics.
Designers Ofra Michals and Idu Caspi chose the furniture and complementary accessories of “Contrast” to design the apartment for example. The furniture and decorative items of “Contrast” were the most natural and suitable choice for the realization of the design concept in this project.
Michals-Caspi Studio leads all the design tasks assigned to it while examining and thoroughly understanding the program. The designers Ofra Michals and Idua Caspi develop creative and original planning and design solutions and then adapt and perfect them to a unique result.
In the design of model apartments, Michals and Caspi have developed a work method that incorporates contemporary design, suitability for the target audience and especially an emphasis on planning spacious, impressive, inviting and inspiring shared family spaces.

Photo: Noa Ozer and Michal Revivo