Accessibility statement

The Contrast company sees a necessary need to provide equal opportunities to its website visitors with special needs.

In accordance with this, we developed our website considering those with special needs and maintaining the global AA level accessibility standard and the Israeli standard 5568.

Recommendations for using the site

All the website pages were developed with proper HTML5 code, this is to ensure the effective use of various accessibility aids that are used as aids for those with special needs. Also, a lot of thought was put into the website’s colors to ensure a high contrast that would allow easy reading for the visually impaired.

This website allows for a dynamic change of the size of the various texts and contents to a size of 200% (at least) while maintaining readable texts within comfortable limits, without leaving the borders of the page.

The recommended resolution to use is one that is at least 992 pixels wide. However, using resolutions smaller than this will display the site as it is displayed on tablet or mobile devices.

Website operation

Enlarging the texts and site contents will be done by changing the browser’s display size by pressing the keys CTRL + (to increase) or (CTRL) (to decrease).

Pressing the Tab key will navigate between the various active elements on the site (links, text boxes to fill, etc.). Pressing the Enter key will activate those elements.

Also, pressing the Shift Tab keys will perform the same operation, only backwards (you will select the previous element).

Additional changes in the size of the texts, the colors of the texts and the colors of the website can be made using the browser aids.

Site page structure

All website pages have the same structure with proper HTML5 code.

The website navigation menu is displayed on all pages in the same way and contains links to the main website pages.

Each page has a main heading and one secondary heading (at least).

All website pages have a footer that serves as a secondary navigation menu for most website pages, a link to an accessibility statement and additional links.

Did you find a problem with the site’s accessibility? Tell us

We at Contrast see a necessary need to make the website accessible and provide equal opportunities to all of its users. That’s why the site was developed and tested for compatibility with known browsers and various accessibility aids.

We will be happy to receive inquiries regarding the site’s accessibility, both for troubleshooting and for comments and/or suggestions for improvement to the email address [email protected]. We will do our best to handle inquiries as quickly as possible. You can also contact us by phone at 03-9655566

Our two showrooms also support full accessibility in both Tel Aviv and the D City complex