Shipments and delivery

When ordering, you will be asked to choose one of the following three options:

Home delivery – the service is subject to a fee depending on the intended delivery area.

Pick up from the Tel Aviv branch at Kibbutz Galvoit 49 Tel Aviv (no extra charge)

Collection from the Jerusalem branch at the address of the HD City complex (no extra charge)

Coordination of the delivery date will be carried out by telephone by a representative on our behalf after the end of the buying process.

Contact by the representative will be made up to 5 business days.

Shipping costs do not include:

Crane and hoist if necessary.

Scattering and removing cartons.

Complicated assemblies of products in iron production. If the customer is interested in this type of assembly, he can pay an extra charge depending on the type of item when coordinating the delivery.

Addition depending on the type of item when coordinating the delivery.

Shipping delivery times:

up to 21 business days

Eilat – no deliveries to Eilat.

Cancelling a transaction

Provided that the goods have not been damaged and have not been used in their original packaging and will be returned by the buyer to the relevant branch

Please note – the possible supply and delivery times are subject to change depending on the security / health situation in the country that is not under the company’s control.

In addition, delivery times and possible deliveries are subject to changes during holidays and special dates.

If there are such changes – the customer will receive an update accordingly.